BOOTH LLP is a dynamic firm of skilled, veteran attorneys, specializing in efficient, aggressive representation of our clients in litigation and other matters. We are experienced and knowledgeable in a variety of practice areas. We blend practical know-how and creative strategy to provide our clients with both cost savings and positive results.We have an "AV" rating from Martindale-Hubbell -- it's highest ranking -- indicating a high to preeminent legal ability and high ethical standards.

At the outset of every matter we take on, we perform a careful evaluation to determine our client’s needs and goals, and from there, set an appropriate strategy, budget and set of expectations. We are experienced trial attorneys and do not shy away from taking a case all the way to verdict and beyond, if the case requires it. We pride ourselves in our ability to use an array of procedural options and substantive law to achieve the best results for our clients, whether that requires a full-bore attack on the opposition or a quick negotiated resolution. In addition to our litigation prowess, we are well versed in regulatory and transactional law, which allows us to bring a broader perspective to all aspects of our practice.

We have long-standing relationships with numerous insurance carriers and regularly work for and with them on various types of matters. Our understanding of insurer’s requirements, procedures, billing methods, and concerns allows us to achieve results with which both insurers and their insureds are satisfied.

We also place emphasis on the strength of our written product, recognizing that much of the job of successful advocacy comes down to the ability to convince the court of the relative merits of our client’s position when compared, on paper, to that of our opponent. The attorneys at BOOTH LLP have published and spoken on various legal topics and/or participated in Law Review while in law school. In transactional matters, we prepare contracts that leave no doubt as to the meaning and intent of the parties, and their respective obligations. Our focus on written communication also benefits our clients, as we provide clear, concise, easily understood and insightful reports on the status, risks, and options our clients face as cases develop.

Our lawyers are all multi-faceted and capable of handling matters in multiple areas of law. Thus, while we are not a large firm, we offer the benefits of a large firm without any of the drawbacks, such as burdensome overhead. This allows us to operate with a lean, agile, and efficient approach to the practice of law without any diminishment in quality of service.